IJoASER (International Journal on Advanced Science, Education, and Religion)
Initials                            IJoASER
Frequency                     3 issues per year (March, July, November)
DOI                                 Prefix 10.33648  by Crossref
Online ISSN                   2614-8862
Print ISSN                      2656-0836
Editor-in-chief               Hasbullah
Publisher                       STAI Al-Furqan Makassar, Indonesia
Citation Analysis          Google Scholar / SCOPUS
Acceptance Ratio         40%


The editorial team sincere their appreciation to Miftachul Huda,  Muhammad Yaumi, Muhammad Kristiawan, Adrian Rodgers, Suhono Tomi Tani Wijaya, Adrian Rodgers and Subandi, for timely, thoughtful, and constructive reviews that substantially shaped of manuscripts submitted to  International Journal on Advanced Science, Education, and Religion in Vol. 4 No. 2 July 2021.

Published: 2021-07-05