Urgensi Kedudukan Hadist Terhadap Al-Qur’an: Bayan Al-Ta’kid, Bayan Al-Tafsir, dan Bayan Al-Tasyri

  • Ary Saparullah Pascasarjana IAIN Palangka Raya
Keywords: Al-Qur’an, Function of Hadith, Bayan Al-Tasyri


Al-Qur’an and hadith are two important things as way of life and source of law for Muslims, the position of the al-Qur’an as the main source of law and the first for the provision of Islamic law, and the hadith is present as the second source of law with the aim of clarify the meanings of what is in al-Qur’an, because al-Qur’an only provides an outline and general guidance only. So this article will discuss about the functions of the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW towards the Qur’an. The research method used in this paper is the literature method (library research) with the data sources used are books as primary data and articles of secondary data. The results of this study indicate that the hadith is present as lil-bayan (explaining) the meaning of the verses contained in the Qur’an which consists of bayan al-takid (clarifying the contents of the al-Qur’an), bayan al-tafsir (interpreting the contents of al-Qur’an), and bayan al-tasyri (giving certainty of Islamic law that is not in the al-Qur’an).

Keywords: Al-Qur’an, Function of Hadith, Bayan Al-Tasyri


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